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Membership Info

All the information relating to membership can be found in the SADAC Membership Process 2022-23 document this can be found here:

Online Membership Process

Athlete Code of Conduct

The Club has adopted the England Athletics Code of Conduct for Athletes, all members and guests who attend our events and Club Sessions will be expected to follow this policy which can be found here: Codes of Conduct

Members Facebook Group

The Club has Private Facebook Group that you will be invited to join if you become a member. This provides a secure place where members can discuss Club and Running related matters. If you join the members only Facebook Group you will be required to abide by the SADAC Facebook Page Policy. The latest version can be found here: Club Policies

In addition there is a Facebook Group composing of ex-members, and others who have supported the club in various ways over the years. This Facebook Group serves as our online community where members and other local runners stay in touch. We also use this Facebook Group to post information about all our events, and promote activities the Club is doing.

Friends of SADAC Road Running Facebook

Club Session Information

The Club organises Club training sessions, twice a week, at Brumby Hall (see here for exact location).. The meeting times are:-

6.30pm on a Tuesday
6.30pm on a Thursday

The Club Sessions are planned on a monthly basis . To help keep our sessions safe we ask everyone to conform to the latest Conduct at Clubs Sessions document which can be found here:- Codes of Conduct Please read this before attending.

 This Months Club Sessions

The sessions for the coming monthare shown on the on the Monthly Schedule Sheet, which contains details of the routes and sessions.  Once you have chosen your route/session enter your name in the SADRC Session Sheet for the distance or session you prefer. Note the Tabs at the bottom are for the different dates.

Attending as a Guest

You are free to join our sessions as a Guest for a while, to check that they suit you. After about 4  sessions we would expect you to join the Club if you want to continue attending. If you plan to attend you will need to complete a Guest Registration Form:

Guest Registration Form                                                           

In all cases for your first session arrive at least 10 minutes early so we have chance to meet you and check you are looked after OK.

Further Info on Club Sessions

The way our Club Sessions are conducted is documented in the SADRC Club Session document, the latest version of this document can be found here: Policies.  The latest version of the Risk assessment for these Sessions (SADRC Risk Assessments Ver x.x) can also be found in Policies.

Route Library

Over the years the club has developed a number of routes we use for the various Club Sessions

Route Library

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